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Protect and Serve

by Kill the Con Man

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Anarcho-deathgrind band from Los Angeles, CA


released May 7, 2019

Wesley Richards on guts & vox
Paul Allen on bass
Nathan Evan Williams on the skins

All songs written and recorded by Wesley Richards at Riot Ready Records
Mixed and mastered by Benedikt Hain at Outback Recordings


all rights reserved



Kill the Con Man Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Slowly Bleed Me
I'm fucking broke
Working so someone else gets paid
My loss is your raise
Killing myself over each day
Killing myself to end this pain
The only way out is death

Slowly bleed me, of everything
of all my dreams, in this nightmare

One more day, closer to the end
Counting down, the final descent
Bound to the mast, of a sinking ship
The water's rising, into the abyss

Take advantage of me, in desperation accept anything
You just take for yourself, leaving nothing for anyone else

When it's time you will see that your life of thievery
made you think you could take, fucking us was a mistake
Right up front, no defense, you got rich at our expense
Here we come, the attack, burn it down and take it back

To the streets to set ablaze
Justice for a life enslaved
We won't stop until there's an end
To the chains we're living in
Track Name: Agent Provocateur
We don't need you to tear down these fucking walls
We don't need you to help facilitate the fall
We don't need you, mindless agent of the state
We don't need you, derail and try to obfuscate

Breaking free from the chains that remain from our past
starts with knowing nothing has changed
Violence written out of our history just repeats
This unending cycle of pain

No one gives a fuck about protecting corporate property
Fuck the people that take everything from your community

Fuck you- running us out of our town
Fuck you- who questions why it should burn down

We don't need you to tear down these fucking walls
We don't need you to help facilitate the fall
We don't need you, mindless agent of the state
We don't need you, derail and try to obfuscate

No one gives a fuck about protecting bank owned property
Fuck the instruments of state repressing pushing slavery

Like throwing matches in a blaze
An inconvenience in the way

Another lie to demonize
They try to hide the changing tide
They just conceive ways to deceive
Protect and serve the wealthy elite
Track Name: Sand & Death
When I look at the carnage we make
When I look at the wealth and means that we take
I don't know how I can support a flag
that justifies wiping cultures off the map

Sand and death
Why does everyone have opinions but no one wants to go fight

An endless storm
The butchers swarm
We suffocate
through force in uniforms

Death falls from above
Machines blowing up
Directed from a thousand miles to decimate

Myopic threats without the knowledge
that these are real people
Posture for voters in spite of experience
Your ignorance is lethal

Your life of luxury
came through a killing spree
A slaughtered population
Displacement's ruination

Sand and death- all the blood that drops is on your hands
Sand and death- every person has blood on their hands
Track Name: Everyday Violence
There's no future, not for me
That isn't check to check
A life of wage slavery

Lock in me a room with no chance to climb or escape
I won't comply- casual violence to survive
An eternal entry level life of servitude I'd rather die
Every day violence we've contrived

An ivory tower climbed long ago
Pulled up the ladder, ebb with no flow

Below the line is where you keep me, rotting in poverty
Prices keep on rising, but I make the same thing

Another raise to my rent, more bills with no more time
Tomorrow I'm on the street, no option left but do crime

There's no future, not for me
That won't take everything, unless I break free
Track Name: You Versus Me
I think I'm losing my mind
I'm watching myself unwind

When I think about everything important to me
Everything I wanted to see
Nothing but another waste of energy
Losing who I wanted to be

Shut your fucking mouth and fucking listen

I don't give a fuck about
anything you think you have to say
No one gives a fuck about
everything you regurgitate
Over your head so you conflate
Nothing new for you to create

There's no room for you in this place

The party's over time to go home
It's dead and gone you should have known

Lose it for security
or the path that slowly bleeds
Ether way you always lose
soulless or dead on the street

Wake the fuck up
wasting your time
This is pointless
so do crime

Do whatever it takes to make it another day
If you need to fucking eat
nothing stands in your way

You versus me, every man for himself
You and me, every man for himself
Everyone for themselves
Track Name: Perseveration
This is the rest of your life
All day and every night

Your rotting corpse lives on
Eternal damnation

Repeat without reason
Fighting to stay afloat just to break even

Another day in the way
Every moment is the same

Your rotting corpse lives on
Eternal damnation

Repeat without reason
Hanging on to your life just to break even

Get a mask and a gun
Theft built this nation
Take what you didn't earn
Following tradition
Left with no other choice
Life or death or prison

There is no way out of this hell
There is no way out of this nightmare

The living dead
waiting for death
Track Name: Kill Thy Fucking Neighbor (Crypt Keeper)
Pick a day any way and it's nothing but pain, nothing but misery
It's burning down while we drown, a rising body count, in the name of liberty

Crypt Keeper!
Starve to death, get sick and die
Poisoned so a landlord can re-rent your life
Crypt Keeper!
Kill yourself, and say good bye
Suffocated by a world of endless lies

The gates of hell open each day along with your eyes
The underworld hides behind a disguise
Demons tear at our rotting flesh
Ripped apart daily to oppress

Take a gun, take a knife
Anybody can take a life
to survive another day

Pitting us, face to face
We don't just win we decimate
All the hate, that we make

Kill they fucking neighbor
Wealth worshipped like a savior

When the vultures circle overhead the leeches come in for the kill
Take everything

There's no safeguards in place when it's your fucking time
There won't be remorse for survival labeled crime

On your death bed you fall to flames
Free of this life held down by chains

When it all starts to dissolve and go away
You won't give a fuck about all the pain
Track Name: The Swamp Monster's Revenge
Promises of draining the swamp would destroy his habitat
So the loneliest swamp monster finds himself walking it back

Isolated, all alone
in a house that represents a gravestone

He enacts his revenge
Ripping the flesh from people he resents

Getting picked on for demeanor the swamp monster goes back home
It keeps getting harder every day to fight with no backbone

Cornered again- like a rat he will do anything to chew through
Tooth and nail- fighting to impose an outdated point of view
Against the wall- do any say anything to lie and to cheat
The last drop- go at it with every thing 'till it's time to eat

He Will Never Die

In a frenzied state his fears begin to take control again
so he cowers and begins to plot against less fortunate

Isolate, all alone
in an office underneath a gravestone

He enacts his revenge
Feeding on people forced to the margins
When he's gone he lives on
Ripples left from his wake are never gone
Track Name: White Jesus
No more lies!
We are violent people, half good and half evil
The truth staring us face to face

Fabricating a world of inclusion
Hide behind the collective delusion

Our history's missing
so we keep reliving

No more lies!
We circle like vultures, we paint over cultures
The legacy no one will face

No more lies!
The cause not the symptom, we burned down a kingdom
The past that we tried to erase
Track Name: Lifelong Chase
Why do you always leave when I need you the most
Abandon ship in the only boat
I never learned just how to be
Anything to get away from me

Pick your poison, up down or side to side
I've been involved with all of you
I let you ruin my life

Another faceless casualty
A self imposed tragedy
Living outside in the margins
A pariah tortured within

Criminalized deviation
from a norm never agreed upon

An outcast pushed to spiral out of their control

Pick your poison, up down or side to side
I've been involved with all of you
I let you ruin my life

You fucking left me, left all alone
Was once a king, but now dethroned
Back to the empty, joyless nothing
That's engulfed and taken everything

A black embrace, a lifelong chase
Hide it behind a manufactured face
A black embrace, a lifelong chase
Track Name: Living in Atrophy
I don't want to but I'll let you down
I've been stabbed, beaten and drowned

The past still lingers and tightens its grip
Constant reminders, followed by fingerprints

No second chance for convicts

Half of a man, broken in two
Not always true, the pain I've hidden from you

Even though I don't know if tomorrow will come
I would try not to die, this blackness undone
Every day every way it has never stopped
Every breath, every death, I've only known loss

You don't want to know a fucking thing about me
The illusion's meant to distort reality

As it falls down around me
Closing in to surround me

Burning it all behind me, running from tragedy
Solace in solitude, living in atrophy
Track Name: Cancer
Waiting for my time, waiting for my crimes, catching up to me
Slowly chips away, every single day, no apologies

Leave me alone and I finally catch my breath
Back in force to remind me of my death
Its own pace despite everything I try
Devour pieces of me until I die

It doesn't seem to ever stop
Daily deluge of a violent onslaught
Every direction brings a threat
Looking for weakness and distress
Relentlessly always feeding on wonton loss and regret

Filling a void left by this fucking place
A hollow abscess of afflicted grace
Of suffering and of an endless pain
There is an end but it means everything

The only choice, go it alone
when it all comes to a close
Sinking away, a falling stone
Suffocate under shadows
No need for hope, the end is known
There never was a final show
Track Name: Taking a Hit
It's your fucking fault

I don't understand how you made it this far
without ever being challenged on your bull shit

We can't all hide from the truth, tried as adults in our youth
When the machine works for you, the influence is hard to remove

What you don't know, frightens you
Fear of the unknown, keeps you on this loop

Create a new disaster, hide behind problems you make
Smoke screens cover your agenda, under chaos you fabricate
Catered to like a child, tip toe around your fragility
Placated with a smile, free from the violence of reality

I don't give a fuck, your success is luck
Everything you think you've accomplished was given to you

And here we go, another victim
Falling in the trap you set
Blame someone else, for your sickness
Games until we have nothing left

We all see through, what you're trying to do
Pity for a fire you stoked
Running afraid, feeling betrayed
When you start to see the smoke

Not even a slap on the wrist
Privilege that never had to take a hit
Consequences do not apply
A shallow hollow life
Track Name: Stopping By Streets (feat Robert Frost)
Whose streets these are I think I know
his house is in the city though
He won't see me stopping here
to watch his streets fill up with snow

My beat up truck must think it's weird
to stop without anything near
Between the streets and worn out brakes
The darkest evening of the year

The engine stalls and begins to shake
To ask if there is some mistake
The only other sound's the sweep
of freezing people with no escape

The streets are lovely, dark and deep
but I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep

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