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Militant Minority

by Kill the Con Man

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As One 01:18
We fight as one Did you see what I tried to hide Did my face give up my lie Eye contact and I fake a smile hiding myself in plain sight Cracks begin showing through as I fall apart Days turn into weeks. turn into months before the light comes back When you need help but don't have anywhere to go Picking up each other off the ground Are you family or one of the crowd There is no more basic duty in our lives than making sure that together we all survive The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Without us I am nothing but hollow remarks I've hurt enough I want to help
When everywhere is a combat zone everyone is a potential threat They carved us into combatant commands The world's leading terrorist This blood thirsty state stops at nothing protecting assets at all cost From the death machine and their properties to the people they use as props Monopoly on violence Enforced through fear and brutality by the world's biggest domestic military We've grown up trapped in a police state Pinned against each other to perpetuate hate Monopoly on violence They crippled our wings because we're faster than them together we're unstoppable Divided we stand no chance as one we can do the impossible They do not have monopoly on violence beyond their control They will try to separate because together we're unstoppable Sometimes it's violent
Every fucking day Every day Wake up tired, eat the same thing go to a job that I fucking hate Take the same roads, watch the same shows Killing time until I die Days turn into months then years Out feels like I've always been here Time keeps creeping while I'm sleeping Everything just feels the same I lost something, forgot my name Time keeps creeping while I'm sleeping
The shock doctrine left us on our own Removed by disaster while they take our homes Born into apocalypse, all of what I know Upcoming catastrophe, always getting close The tail end of of prosperity The end of our identity Showing up to a party a few decades late The fun's been had and it's been replaced They all just passed the buck and now we're stuck with our inheritance Let's make it someone else's problem down the road They all just filled their pockets and took all control Their zero sum game They're the winners, we're the losers We were not given agency Stripped of the choice to contribute to this machine Every year it's hotter and the flooding's getting worse The sea is coming for us Every year it's dryer and the fire's burning hotter The sea is coming for us
Invent the Future Everyone's equal, nobody's left behind No one is sacrificed for a comfortable life No more hierarchies, horizontal liberation No more oil, open borders, prison abolition Let's all go burn down the police state Take every industry our labor creates Death of capital, markets are irrational We rip this all apart, build a world for all of us
Shoplift! 01:42
Just survive If you're fucking hungry take some food, target a Walmart Rob CVS, steal from Kroger, don't forget Amazon It wasn't always like this, a need was filled in service Hostages in our own community Everything you want, everything you don't need We trade convenience for autonomy They cannibalize our streets No one can compete Eaten by the largest planned economy The number one employer in your area You subsidize a miserable life against your will Working two jobs to cover rent, utilities threaten to disconnect Running our of meds, nothing left for food Choosing between eating or a roof Shoplift! Take whatever you need Shoplift! Make them fucking bleed Make them fucking give back what they took from us They live in luxury, we live on the bus By their will or by brute force A handshake or we settle the score Held hostage we pay our own ransom Held hostage we are the ransom
Let's party Let's fucking party Nothing else but right now Fuck tomorrow when it's never around Do it for today and forget the past Let go When it's crushing down and I can't breathe I need some time a short reprieve A celebration or a funeral Sometimes I just need to fucking leave I want more Who's got more I need some more Maybe sometimes I overdo it Reach for more when I hit my limit There's freedom in letting go of the hopeless Cancel out the noise so can stop and focus I know this isn't permanent Try to recreate a past I already lived Living in a world that pushes us to kill ourselves Slowly over time or in an instant compelled Maybe sometimes it's a coping mechanism Reach for more when I need to just sit Always running, you're not really getting anywhere When you stop in the same place it's all still fucking there Upside down while the room begins to spin Losing control falling deep within Falling down you hit the ground You close your eyes lose consciousness as you fall further away You exhale as you slip away Never again
Today I need to find more water, tomorrow save the fucking bees Then it's off to fight a fire, stop the rising sea We've got a bill for a party we weren't at The future pays the price for the past We're born into the blame for a world they ransacked Nothing is stopping you form starting it today The grand idea, the smallest pulse, it's all ok A full collapse could look more like the birth of something new We plant the seeds that lead us to tomorrow's fruit Everything's on the table when nothing has worked When the day comes after the fall After we rise and take it all Do we build it all back in reverse or build upon what we know that works We need somewhere to go We need something we know We listen to the misanthrope true sounding views that are filled with smoke One day none of this will matter One day at what we are after For now ecology of tactics Hit them high, hit them low We see what gets traction One day none of this will matter Buried in the ground the past a cadaver For now we do what we can Fight against hegemony that wants to expand No one knows how the future unfolds Nothing is certain We don't know what's wrong util we know what's right Building for tomorrow today
I don't have time for any of the so get the fuck out of my way Bullshit got you here and I will take it all away I've fought, defended, started, ended, get the fuck out of my way You can't do shit to me when I have nothing that remains Every day it's the same, different face with a different name Trying to take what I fought for Every day it's the same It's not me but I take the blame For someone's gain I burn I may need help but I don't need it from you I might be lost but I will find my own way through With my back up against the wall I will stand I will never fall Fuck you, fuck off and go away Lost in endless poverty, a purgatory There's no escape Nothing's wrong with you for struggling, motivation or do nothing It's all ok Float away- far from here Float away- watch it disappear Nothing ends it comes back again I've seen you before I will see you again See you again
It Feeds 01:02
Every second every day it never stops it feeds on pain Stalking through the streets at night hiding in the dark Stopping to prey on someone Everyone is marked Another neat of despair Another loss we all share A victim of violence that doesn't hear your prayers Go to school, get a good job You buy a home, 2 kids a dog Forgotten generations- I guess they ran out of bootstraps Forgotten generations- best of luck to you The only way out Death of despair They see no way out Death of despair They created a monster that feeds on us to support the lives they lead It won't stop, it's out of their control It needs food, we've already been sold
We're running out of time to right this ship where I was born I was given a bucket to bail water from a boat sitting on the ocean floor The population bomb was a dud we're ok Instead we built this monster we became Everything is on fire but tomorrow still will come Everything you desire we have more than enough You only get one chance so don't throw it all away Nothing good will come from living your life wrapped in pain Nothing was beyond the domain of man Thought they controlled a world they didn't understand Conscious choices made to self enrich They have names Picking profits over people They have names Wealthy men whose ego's sealed our fate By fear or force it's their job to erase They have names Go fix your mess, every last dime Go fix your mess, you're running out of time Everything is on fire but tomorrow still will come Everything you desire we have more than enough You only get one chance so don't throw it all away Nothing good will come from living your life wrapped in pain
There is something following me I can feel it getting close A fallen angel out for revenge I can't get away Everywhere I look reminds me of the ticking clock Everywhere I look reminds me nothing ever stops All the demons in our past still walks the earth, vengeance rehashed I'm broke as shit The world's on fire so I need another hit We repeat yesterday We watch it on the news The chasm deepens so we fill it with abuse and we go about our day We're not moving forward we're in reverse It's not going away it's getting worse Subjugation and genocide, the color of skin can cost a life Who you love, how you express can spell the end There is no where we can hide Running takes up borrowed time Instead of waiting this out I can fight for the world I want
Not Alone 01:27
I got lost I ran away to find some space break from the same a different way Stuck in no man's land I'm fucking trapped in here Stuck in no man's land Work all day helping someone else get rich Still fall short, I can't afford to fucking exist Work or you will die For the rest of your life Survival supports everything you despise What is the point, what can you do Fight against the current while you're drowning underneath What is the point, why not give in Getting slowly crushed alive so you can cover rent Killing myself just to always be one step behind Wandering in this dead wasteland never to arrive No man's land Cursed to wander out here all alone You're not alone
We all need to, we all need to stop and lear to co-exist What we need is unity There's more of us than them By force we could take everything What we need is city We all want the same end We should let the movement breathe and satisfy collective need Let's go! Forward as one, into the night Into the unknown we take this fight There is no right until we find wrong There's room for everyone's voice to belong No one knows, the future is unbound Tomorrow is not now The means will need to pivot to achieve the end Ecology of tactics shaped by difference The beast of capital won't go without a fight A thousand cuts protracted conflict for our lives


100% of the proceeds from this release are going to the Middle East Children's Alliance (also known as MECA)



released October 27, 2023

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Wesley Richards at Riot Ready Records in Inglewood, CA
All songs mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR

Kill the Con Man is
June Belford- Bass
Wesley Richards- Guitar/Vocals
Nate Williams- Drums


all rights reserved



Kill the Con Man Los Angeles, California

"Coming with an offensively chaotic wall of noise, LA based Kill the Con Man's blend of grind and death put the brew in brewtality"

-Real Person

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